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Ecommerce MLM

What is E-commerce MLM?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) - One of the business strategies that encourage existing members to recruit new members for the sale of products or services as a highly profitable business.

E-commerce - Digitalize your brand online and sell your goods and services over an online platform.

With both strategies bond together, it perfectly merged into an unbeatable E-commerce Multi-Level Marketing where will be a value-added eCommerce website with a referral function.

Multi-Level Marketing is a business model that involving the recruitment of members through network marketing while selling products or services. Bonus and commission will be generated for sold products and new members recruitment.

E-commerce is a business model that brings your products and services over the online platform to generate income.

With the combination of e-commerce and MLM, it stimulates your e-commerce customers to promote your products to the public while they can generate income from the referral action.

Benefit of E-commerce MLM

Products or services could be sold directly through the e-commerce platform via MLM strategy.

It provides an option to the customers if they would want to join the referral marketing program and generate more income while purchasing with your platform.

Your products or services will be promoted by your members to the public where will able to reach more exposure in the market through word-of-mouth.

Types of E-commerce MLM

Multi-Vendor Marketplace - It’s an multi-seller platform where everyone can create their own store from the platform and start with standard MLM customized marketing plan.

Sole-vendor E-commerce - The company can create its own website for e-commerce and MLM business. It’s suitable for brand building strategy.

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