MLM Software

Modules stands in a unique position in MLM Software Industry.

Signature MLM system module provides awesome user experience and flexibility in the requirements of our customers.


E-wallet module is a storage of income and expenses as virtual money.

E-wallet module is a Virtual Bank account for you MLM Business. This allows the virtual money system to attract MLM business provides a highly secure and flexible trading platform for customers.

E-Wallet Module includes:
  • Wallet Statement
  • Fund transfer to other IDs
  • Remove or add fund to wallet
  • Virtual money storage

  • Multilingual System

    Multilingual MLM system plays a very important role in today's marketplace.

    It can make your MLM business easier to expand in other countries.

    In the world of MLM, if you start with a solution that doesn't have multi language options, it will be like ignoring the majority of your users.

    Our expert programmers can provide useful customized language support for your software.

    This is a common and preferred method if there are only 3 or fewer languages. This is very user-friendly and user can change language very fast if preferred.

    Multi Currency

    This module is very useful when you need at least two currencies to display conversions.

    In current global marketplace, your MLM business may need to be carried out in different countries and in different currencies.

    Our multi-currency module can use the different currency for same products. The only thing you have to consider is that the product should have the same name in the local language as well as in English. It allows you to conduct business in the currency you are familiar with.

    The multi-currency option, works well with the multi language which enabling users to conduct business in different languages to get more customer response.

    Replicating Website

    By opting replicating website module, each member will have a personal website that contains their personal status to promote their MLM business more effectively.

    Admin can set the levels of permission and available content options while managing the brand.

    Advantages of Replicating Website:
  • WYIWYG Editor for content
  • Promote your product and service very easily using affiliate
  • User can maintain their site by using a web interface

  • Payment Gateway

    We offer our customers a wide range of payment gateway options to facilitate global payment processes.

    We offer secure mode payment transactions using credit cards, debit cards and many other alternative payment methods.

    These payment services are intended at developing the effectiveness and security of the payment system for online shopping.

    Examples of payment gateways:
  • Paypal
  • Credit card/ Debit card
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
  • iPay88
  • eGHL