MLM Software / MLM System | mlm software, mlm system (Malaysia)
Signature System

MLM License Application and Product Registration

Expand Your Business Horizons While Increasing Your Landed In Malaysia Market.
Spending time preparing documents but yet not getting your MLM License?
MLM Software / MLM System | mlm software, mlm system (Malaysia)
In Signature,
We handle all your worries.

With a high success rate in applying for Multi-Level Marketing Licenses (AJL License), Signature provides professional advice and consultation to our clients in preparing all the documents required. It allows you to set up your MLM business in Malaysia with minimum cost and time. With the guidance, you will go through all the steps meticulously and position your company in the fast-growing market efficiently.

We Work on the Complex Endeavour
While You Enjoy the Result
Fast Approval
Fast Approval
High Approval Rates
High Approval Rates
One-off Procedure
One-off Procedure
MLM Solutions

To ensure a successful rate in applying for MLM Licenses (AJL licenses), we guide you through all the steps meticulously and help the company onboard the market successfully.

MLM Software / MLM System | mlm software, mlm system (Malaysia)
MLM Software / MLM System | mlm software, mlm system (Malaysia)
MLM Solutions
Our experienced specialists ready to provide consultation in making sure your products are complying with the rules and regulations of Malaysian authorities such as the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency Malaysia (NPRA) and Ministry of Health (MOH).
Our Signature Business Flows

We handle everything from application preparation to success.


Company Setup Consultation


Document Preparation


Designing Marketing Plan


Products/ Services Preparation


Application Submission


Marketing Plan Presentation


Licensing Payment


License Distribution Ceremony

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