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MLM system for all compensation plans.

Signature.com.my offers an advanced and secured MLM system with all popular compensation plans for direct selling and multi-level marketing businesses.

Unilevel Plan

Unilevel plan is widely used across different industries because the structure is simple and direct. The first level members in unilever plan are allowed to add unlimited members as downline in order to gain income faster. This particular MLM plan usually used by business model that would like to build a huge network through recruiting and gain from member's contribution.

Advantages :

Distributor can have unlimited sub-distributors

Less complex compensation calculation

Opportunity of earning unlimited bonus

Best suit with business that focus on personal performance

Binary Plan

The base of binary plan start from a member allowed to recruit two people as their first level to fulfil the left and right sub-tree. Whichever sub-tree that make the least amount down the road will be recognize as "pay-leg" and the bonus will be paid based on the left team sales amount. As such, it's efficient to use by business model that requires motivation. The person will be motivated by their stronger team to build the weaker team in order to get more income. It's widely use with the integration of gamification features or motivation strategies nowadays.

Advantages :

Infinity depth distributors

Capacity to grow faster

Favoured by start-up due to the simplicity

Best suit with business that need to build team

Matrix Plan

Matrix Plan is also known as "The Ladder Matrix Plan or Forced Matrix Plan". This plan has a limited width and length, the popular matrix plan is 2 x 12, 4 x 7, 5 x 7 and 3 x 9. This plan encourages more teamwork than a Unilevel Plan. The narrow and deeper the matrix is, the more this effect is felt.

Advantages :

Encourages more teamwork

Effort focus on educating frontline to get distributor

Board Plan

Board plan is an organizational structure which comprise of either 3 members, 5 or 9 members. It is a unique system that gives you an opportunity to take benefit from the hard work of all the board members and earn commission on each and every success. When the board is full it splits into other and the excess members of the first board can form a new board.

Advantages :

Benefit both organizations as well as members

No dependency on the network

Stair Step Plan

Stair Step Plan is a MLM plan which start just like Unilevel Plan where there is no limitation to the frontline entry. However, there is a percentage or target cut off when one achieves the predefined personal and/or group volumes. The one who achieves the breakaway thereafter run the process individually.

Advantages :

High income by building up bigger team

No limitation on frontline entry

Generation Plan

Generation Plan is also named as "Gap Commission Plan" or "Repurchase Plan", this plan proposes various levels of generation. When each network consists of 1000 members then the organization can categorize them into four generations where each level gets various compensations.

Advantages :

Unlimited levels of incentives

Easy to implement, execute, and manage

Tier System

One way to find the right balance between attainable and desirable is to implement a tiered system, which rewards initial contribution and encourages to achieve more. In a nutshell, the tier program is based on levels of contribution. The person will be level-up when they contribute something or achieve some requirements. The more achievement been unlock, the higher level they will reach. And the higher the level, the more rewards they will get.

Advantages :

Capacity to grow faster

With clear goal to encourage contribution

Build sense of accomplishment

Best suit with business that need require self-motivation